Rockford Trip Schedule

At least three (3) times a month LOTS provides a route to Rockford for persons who either need to attend medical appointments or who would like to go shopping. These routes do fill up, so make sure you make your reservation for a ride shortly after you make your doctor’s appointment.  Call our dispatch staff at (815) 288-2117 for more information.  Please see the fares tab of this web site for more information.  Reminders for riders:

  • Persons who need a ride to a medical appointment in Rockford are asked to schedule those appointments for between 9:00 AM and Noon.
  • Cost for rides is $0.35/mile. Fares for older adults and disabled riders is capped at $5.00 per ride, one way. $10.00 round trip.
  • Medical appointment rides are Medicaid eligible.  Certain restrictions may apply. Ask LOTS dispatch for additional information.
  • Shopping bags are limited to four (4) per rider. a $1.00 charge will be applied for each additional bag.

Upcoming dates (through the end of the year) for the Rockford Route are listed below.

June 13 (Wednesday)
June 29 (Friday)

July 11 (Wednesday)
July 20 (Friday)
July 25 (Wednesday)

August 3 (Friday)
August 15 (Wednesday)
August 24 (Friday)

September 5 (Wednesday)
September 14 (Friday)
September 26 (Wednesday)

October 5 (Friday)
October 17 (Wednesday)
October 31 (Wednesday)

November 7  (Wednesday)
November 16 (Friday)
November 28 (Wednesday)

December 5 (Wednesday)
December 14 (Friday)
December 19 (Wednesday)