Lee County

Lee County is the grantee of the 5311 Federal Transportation Funding, Downstate Operating Assistance Program (DOAP) provided by the State of Illinois as well as several other Projects such as InterCity Bus Livability/Greyhound Connect (two grants) and Downstate Capital Improvement Fund. The County holds all risk and responsibility for all grant requirements stated in the applications and contractual agreements.

In 2010, Ogle County signed an intergovernmental agreement with Lee County for the provision of public transportation in the two county region.  The Director and Assistant Director of LOTS report out monthly to the Properties Committee of the Lee County Board and the Health, Education and Wellness Committee of the Ogle County Board.  Similarly, monthly reports are provided to the full membership of each County Board.

Lee County employs the Director (Greg Gates) and Assistant Director (Kari Wolfe) to execute the administrative duties of the Lee-Ogle Transportation System. A Mechanic (Derek Hipple) was hired in April, 2018 to maintain all county-owned vehicles of the LOTS system.  The County Board remains responsible for all oversight and authorization signatures for most documentation.