Your Ride, Our Mission!

Call: 815.288.2117
TTY: 815.288.9236

LOTS Becomes RMTD Mid 2024!

Dependable, Affordable Transportation for All

Lee Ogle Transportation System/LOTS is here to help Lee and Ogle County residents get to where they need to go! LOTS provides curb to curb service for all ages. Our vehicles are equipped with lifts for disabled persons. Rides can be scheduled to community resources – a doctor’s appointment, the bank, your favorite restaurant, your community college!

Give us a call today! (815) 288-2117
Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM. 

Lee-Ogle Transportation System provides curb-to-curb service. All of our vehicles are lift-equipped. Transportation is provided to riders of all ages and abilities. In order to improve accessibility, comfort/service animals are permitted.


Call: 888.239.9228
Call: 815.288.2117
TTY: 815.288.9263

Provider Organizations

Passengers are encouraged to call LOTS as soon as they are aware of the need for a ride.